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Crocs Cleo III


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Crocs Cleo III features Croslite materials, double cushioned comfort support, a foot bed which conforms to the foot creating a custom fit, two tone combinations, circulation nubs which stimulate blood flow, elevated heel constructed specifically for ladies feet, open toe front, slip on design, double strap design and the Crocs branding moulded on the foot bed.

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Croslite Materials

Circulation Nubs On Foot Bed

Elevated Heel Specifically Constructed For Ladies Feet

Crocs Branding Moulded On Foot Bed

Rbber Sole Unit

Slip On Design





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Crocs Cleo III


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Crocs take pride in their footwear being medically designed to relieve unnecessary pressure and stress from the toes, feet, knees, hips and lower back. Crocs are a popular multi-purpose choice of footwear that boasts a variety of impressive factors in their structure and production.

The unique design of Crocs allow for feet to expand and move freely within the shoe, being unrestricted and preventing feelings of discomfort with built in shock absorbing properties. Being effortless to wear, they are amongst the most comfortable shoe choices for many women.

Not only are Crocs particularly light –weighted for footwear but also feature small ventilation holes to allow for any water, moisture or debris to be discarded from the shoe easily. This helps to maintain maximum hygiene while wearing the footwear, with the addition that Crocs are odour and bacteria resistant and anti-microbial making them a great choice for footwear if you enjoy spending time in water.

Crocs show off an originally stylish finish that truly is exclusive to shoes from this impressively practical brand.