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Jeffery Campbell

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Jeffery Campbell

Jeffrey Campbell shoes are something of a charming uniqueness. Their daring and artistic designs are fuelled by their large fan base; many of their designs come from the minds of their own clientele. The huge variation of wild styles in their growing range is mind-blowing.

Classic combinations of suede and wood give their shoes a rich appearance, showing off stylised heels and wedges in the shapes of triangles and ‘boomerangs’. Jeffrey Campbell shoes are a unique choice of expression and are a fresh delight to behold.

They boast well made, extremely comfortable shoes with an elegant zest of extravagance. Being a particularly new brand, only on the fashion scene for the last 11 years, Jeffrey Campbell footwear is becoming a huge hit with people of all ages and fashion styles. With something for everyone, the versatility of Jeffrey Campbell’s truly diverse range yields possibilities for thousands of different styled outfits.

Jeffrey Campbell draws from influences all around the globe from trends set from numerous time periods to bring some of the most beautifully peculiar footwear available.

Key styles: Lita