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Toms was founded in 2006 by Blake Mycoskie, an entrepreneur from Arlington, Texas. He founded Toms with the kind-hearted notion to start an initiative for children in need in Argentina who could not afford to buy a pair of shoes. Mycoskie recalls that children in Argentina who did not have any shoes, not only possessed a health risk but also were not allowed to go to school.

The company designs and sells lightweight shoes based on the Catalan Alpargata Espadrille design. They are well made, durable and very comfortable footwear that express a uniquely natural and laid back appearance.

Over the years Toms have won the People's Design Award and has been noted as a successful model of social entrepreneurship. They are still operating around the world in places like Haiti and Ethiopia, providing shoes for those in need.

For every pair of shoes that Toms sell world-wide, a pair is given away to a child in need. This is helping lives around the globe in less fortunate companies and has earned Toms and its footwear a lot of recognition.   

Key style: Classic Slip On, Classic Espadrille